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Tincture Feature

Having a hard time sleeping?

Maybe this tincture can help you. Available in Broad Spectrum or Isolate our Hemp Oil has CBD and melatonin that can help you relax and catch some sleep.

Edibles Feature Product

Sweet Edibles For You

Are you new to CBD? Why not start your experience with edibles, one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. You can have it in your coffee, sweeten your tea with honey, or simply grab a sweet gummy. We got you covered!

Bath Body Feature Product

A little CBD for your body

CBD doesn’t need to be ingested or smoked to be enjoyed. We carry a variety of topical products that can deliver relaxation to your body.

Smokables Feature Product

CBD Vapes and Flowers

We also have a variety of vape and flower products in stock. We have a variety of options.

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